We discover trends!

We are experts in Trend Scouting & Trendspotting finding the latest technology related trends that you can turn into your prospering (eCommerce) IT business.

We use the latest software in technology intelligences to find what you need to succeed - Information Retrieval, Big Data, Machine Learning based on TensorFlow, Social Media Crawling & our business network of competencies.

You want to diversify your business and build new streams of income?
We tell you what horse to ride best!

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We have developed a crawling framework that monitors pages on the internet for IT & technology trends.

We are using the following Open Source Software: Python, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, MySql, MongoDB, SphinxIndexer & Nginx/Lighttpd for crawling, all based on Ubuntu Amazon AWS Cloud instances.

We will publish an iPhone & iPad iOS Trend App and an Android Trend App and release it to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This framework is used to gather business intelligences and business insights to current or upcoming technology and IT trends in the field of eCommerce, E-Business and Mobile Commerce.

After evaluating these information (HTML, PDF, Powerpoint, Microsoft Word Documents, Chats & Emails) we manually do a Value Benefit Analysis for the top 100 trends.

We filter that valuable key information and our economic experts will create lean business plans with the help of these filtered big data information streams.
A One-page business plan for a short business pitch is also included.

At the end you can buy those business summaries based on financially interessting ideas with short technical descriptions and use this for your own company to diversify your eCommerce business and create new streams of monetary income.

Take a business idea from us and create a sub project to your existing company or start your own startup with our one-page business plan for a short elevator pitch.

We are academic IT & management experts that create software, research for trends and provide consulting & business intelligences to our customers.

We scout - you WIN!


Trend Scouting

We have developed a software that regularly scans the World Wide Web for interessting Technology & IT trends.

Business Plan

We develop business plans for interessting & prosporing ideas for our clients that they can use to go to investors or business angels and get funded.

Innovation Management

We collect, evaluate, analyze trends and report to our customer so that they can start a new diversifying business with the help of our work.

Trend Consulting

We scout - you shoot! We gather information, you choose to start a new company and get new streams of income - we tell you what horse to ride best!

Value Benefit Analysis

We use academic tools to analyze and calculate the risk and chances of every idea that we present to our customers.


All Team member of OneTOPP have at least a Bachelor degree from a university or a university of applied sciences.